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Saranda which is known as the land of 700 hills has Asia’s largest Natural Sal forest vegetation and is a home of the giant Saranda Elephants .The Saranda Safari Resort is situated on one of hills of the Saranda Forest range beside a perennial flowing river named ‘Karo’.

The Resort encourages the idea of eco-tourism where conservation of ecology goes hand in hand with tourism activities. One can do bird watching in the resort itself as the resort has a fruit orchard where one may find almost all kinds of seasonal fruits available in the local market, the fruit orchard along with the water sources invites many rare species of birds

The trek to the Leopard’s cave which is on the summit of the hill makes one experience wildlife very closely. The niche of the Indian Rock Python where the Python is often found resting inside it’s hideout beside the river bed is a thrilling experience for the wildlife lovers.

The Jhikra waterfalls which is also known as the Rainbow falls gives one a unique experience of observing a rainbow beneath ones feet while one is bathing in its showers.

The sunset viewpoint at the hill tops of Kiriburu/Meghataburu ranges gives one a chance to view the vast expanse of the 700 hills of Saranda and the sun setting not behind those hills but in the sky .   

As the river Karo flows beside the resort one may enjoy taking bath in the river itself instead of their cottage bathrooms.

One may experience the thrill of camp fire along with barbeque.

The resort has a children’s park , a badminton court, a table tennis room, a 6 hole mini golf course, a lawn tennis court etc for the sports lovers.

One may also come along with their bikes and experience driving along the wooded hills and valleys of the Saranda forest range.

Sun Rise on hill

Jhikra Waterfall

Karo River

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